Private Mailbox Services

SECURITY REASONS OF HAVING A MAILBOX| Renting a mailbox is the Best Way to protect your Identity & Privacy

Mail theft is a major source for identity thieves to obtain and exploit personal information about individuals and businesses in order to impersonate them. Thus, protecting your mail is essential to preventing an identity theft. It used to be safe to leave your mail in the mailbox all day. But then, it also used to be safe to leave your doors unlocked all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world anymore. Taking in the account the increasing rates of the identity theft in our country and around the world, we’ve opened a private mailbox center to offer our customers security and protection against this crime. To ensure your security, we installed 24 hours surveillance system. Our highly trained associates will handle your mail with utmost care and professionalism.

LIVESCAN FINGERPRINTING digitally captures an individual’s fingerprints so that they may be transmitted electronically to the State of California Department of Justice and/or the FBI. These Live Scan Fingerprinting images are then cross-referenced to the criminal database to check an applicant’s criminal history. Employers, certification or licensing agencies, and adoption agencies are just some examples of those who require Live Scan. Fingerprinting.


In order to complete your Live Scan fingerprinting transaction you will need to bring with you the “Live Scan Request” form issued to you by the requesting agency or downloaded from links listed below, your choice of payment method and a valid form of government issued picture identification such as driver license, identification card, military identification or passport.

Livescan Services


  • Notary Public Service

  • Real Estate Loan Signing Service

  • Traveling Public Notary, Mobile Public Notary Service

  • Apostille Service

A valid identification card will be required from you, the signer in order for me to notarize your document. One of the following will do, so long as it is current or issued within the past 5 years:

    • A state issued driver’s license or identification card

    • U.S. Passport

    • Foreign Passport stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service(INS)

    • Alien registration card (acceptable only for notarization of INS forms)

    • Military service I.D. or I.D. card issued by the U.S. government

    • Drivers license officially issued in Mexico or Canada

Notary Public Services